My New Favorite Assessment Tool!

I'm just going to be honest - one of the biggest things I dislike about my job is the assessment and data tracking.  To be quite honest, I knew that I didn't do a very good of data tracking.  There are only so many hours in a day and when push comes to shove, I would rather spend my time ... READ the POST

How to Teach Sight Words in a Way Your Students will Love!

Her hand was raised as high as it could go with just a little wave back and forth.  Her excited smile lit up her face and her eyes said “I’ve got this!” And then . . .she proudly read our new sight word with a booming kindergarten voice “A$$!”  My eyes widened and my cheeks flushed as I tried ... READ the POST

Cross-Curricular Read Alouds

As a teacher, I have developed some theories and observations about learning. Probably one of the things that lays my educational foundation is my belief that children – no make that people of all ages – learn best when the opportunities arise naturally in the course of everyday life. This idea led ... READ the POST

5 Fun Ideas for Mastering Multiplication

So I'll be there first to admit that on some math concepts I am the one saying "When will I ever use this again?!?"  But that is not the case with multiplication.  Multiplication is one of those skills that I use all the time in the real world.  After all, isn't that what education is ... READ the POST

Teaching Responsibility With a Pencil

Where Have All the Pencils Gone?  A Very REAL Classroom Struggle! Rewind about 4 weeks ago, I am in my classroom and about to pull my hair out as I open yet another box of pencils to sharpen.  Didn't I just do this?  Yes, yes I did.  I don't know where the pencils go.  My ... READ the POST

Who Has Time for Art???? Ideas for Incorporating Art in the Classroom

I love art projects!  I am crafty by nature and if time and teaching standards were no issue we'd do art all the time.  But alas, in the real world, my world, teaching standards (TEKSin Texas - very similar to Common Core standards in other states) control what I teach.  But also part ... READ the POST


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