Pumpkin Science: States of Matter

I love fall!  After a looooong and HOT Texas summer, fall is so refreshing.  The crisp and cool morning air (before it warms up) just makes me want to be outside and enjoy the season.  I love connecting the seasons to our lessons too!  What's better for fall than some fun, ... READ the POST

Word Work for Kindergarten

These days time just seems to be flying by!  For some of you school has already started and for many others your days are filled with getting ready for school to start soon.  This is such a busy season that seems to usher in a busy school year.   As we introduce new learning ... READ the POST

Teachers – Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello Summer!

The end of the school year is upon us and if you are anything like me at the end of the year that means TIRED and a little STRESSED OUT by all the things there are to do in order to wind up the year. And this year - well I don't know if I need to say anything more!  What a year it has ... READ the POST

3 Tips to Survive the Holidays in the Classroom

I remember my first year teaching like it was yesterday.  It was about mid fall when I felt like we hit our stride in my humble little 3rd grade classroom.  It was good - really good!  Then . . .the holidays came! Could I survive the holidays in the classroom? I remember my ... READ the POST

My New Favorite Assessment Tool!

I'm just going to be honest - one of the biggest things I dislike about my job is the assessment and data tracking.  To be quite honest, I knew that I didn't do a very good of data tracking.  There are only so many hours in a day and when push comes to shove, I would rather spend my time ... READ the POST

How to Teach Sight Words in a Way Your Students will Love!

Her hand was raised as high as it could go with just a little wave back and forth.  Her excited smile lit up her face and her eyes said “I’ve got this!” And then . . .she proudly read our new sight word with a booming kindergarten voice “A$$!”  My eyes widened and my cheeks flushed as I tried ... READ the POST


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