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7 Tips for a Stress Free End of the School Year

It’s almost the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!! And we all know that this can be a crazy busy time of the year. In addition to all your normal activities there are special events more due dates and new deadlines. It's easy for the stress level to climb and to feel out of control. But these 7 tips will ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Make Test Prep Fun and Effective

Testing season is once again upon us. I can hear the collective groan from students and teachers alike echoing from every classroom around the country. While test prep may not be our favorite part of teaching, it is essential not only for our states to assess growth and knowledge from our students ... READ the POST

Holiday Activities to Help Keep Students Engaged

The season of excitement and magic is upon us. During the holidays there is so much going on in the classroom and outside of it as well. This is can be a very exciting time for students, with parties, presents, and treats what's not to love? But it can also create some chaos and disorder if we ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Celebrate Student Birthdays in the Classroom

I LOVE birthdays! Celebrating my family and friends on their birthdays is one of my favorite things. I cherish the opportunity to let each person know just how special they are to me. And as a teacher, it was a natural progression for me to take this into the classroom too! Celebrating students, ... READ the POST

5 Tips for a Less Stressful Back to School Season

With back to school time here and in full force, it is easy to get caught up in the overwhelming stress and mile long to-do lists we are met with each year. These 5 practical tips for a less stressful back to school season will help you make back to school time enjoyable for yourself and your ... READ the POST

Classroom Organization Ideas to Maximize Space in the Classroom

Whether you are working in a large classroom with plenty of space, or a super small room with not much area for storage, making every inch count is important. This can help you keep a clean, organized classroom area that is easy for you and your students to navigate. Let's talk about making the most ... READ the POST


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