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Fun and Engaging Ways to Incorporate Daily Handwriting Practice into Your Classroom

If you are anything like me, you love watching your students grow and develop their skills. But sometimes, despite these growing skills, you are frustrated by simple things like messy handwriting. I know I'm not alone in this because I have had many discussions with teachers about this topic. I've ... READ the POST

4 Virtual Snow Day Activities for Online Learning

Remember being a kid and watching as the TV scrolled through the lists of closures when the winter weather was blustery? If you're anything like me you'd sit impatiently waiting to see your school's name. Then it would cross the bottom of the screen and you'd get super excited. Throwing on your snow ... READ the POST

Kindness and Friendship Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Like most holidays, I love celebrating with my students in the classroom. There's something so genuine and exciting about seeing holidays through the eyes of kids. Celebrating Valentine's Day in February is no different. Instead of the traditional Valentine's Day focus on romantic love, we focus on ... READ the POST

5 Fun and Engaging Winter Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Snowflakes falling, wind whistling, and kids going crazy?! Yes, you read that right... winter can be challenging for students and teachers alike. The cold temperatures, early sunsets, and unpredictable weather tend to make student engagement and motivation a difficult task. In this post, we will ... READ the POST

10 Fine Motor Activities that Kids LOVE Doing

Picture this... you're 4 years old and your teacher just said you're going to be completing fine motor activities. She gives you a string and some Fruit Loops and you're supposed to make a necklace, but you struggle to string the cereal. Your little hands are shaking and you just cannot get that ... READ the POST

Blessings for Teachers

Can I share something with you? This year has been HARD - really, really hard. I have walked through some personal things that I never thought I would walk through. In my work, I have been stretched in ways that I didn't know I could be stretched in. And. . . it seems like a hard year has also ... READ the POST


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