Practicing Math Facts: 4 Fun and Engaging Ways

Math facts are important. It's something that will be used all throughout life and it's not only important that students know them, but knowing them fluently really helps. While first and foremost students need to understand the concepts of the basic operations, there's comes a point when ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Engage the Reluctant Writer

What can make someone clean their room, cry, snap pencils and tear paper? Writing. What can make an otherwise outgoing and often loud and fidgety student sit quietly so as to not be noticed? Writing. Hi. I'm Amy and I'm the mom of a reluctant writer. Both at school and at home, my son is a ... READ the POST

Valentine’s Day Activities for the Primary Classroom

One of my favorite things about teaching young kids is getting to experience holidays with their excitement and expectation. Valentine's Day is no exception! I have found that by engaging students with the holiday I can better hold their attention and engagement so we can keep learning. Here's ... READ the POST

5 Engaging Sight Word Activities to Reach Mastery

Learning to read is tough! But nothing helps kick-start the process faster than sight words. Once students know a sight word - yep, just 1 - they can start finding it in books, on signs, in the grocery store . . . As students begin to see words they know in their world, they begin to feel like ... READ the POST

Everything You Need for the 100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is one of my favorite classroom holidays. I love this day because it gives students the chance to celebrate all of their hard work. As both a kindergarten and third grade teacher, this was a holiday we celebrated While it was a day filled with fun, it was a ... READ the POST

Sight Word Practice Pages that Kids Love

I love watching my kids grow as readers!  That twinkle in their eye and the joy on their face when they can read a word on their own. I am a believer that nothing makes our students feel more like readers than learning sight words. These words that they can instantly recognize are the ... READ the POST


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