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I’m Amy, the teacher behind Teaching in Blue Jeans. I am not just a teacher, I’m also a homeschooling mom to my amazing kid! Growing up all I wanted to be was a teacher. Then, I went to law school. {face palm} I liked practicing law but there was always a nagging feeling inside me that was drawing me to education. When I gave in to that nagging feeling I found my life's passion! And the rest . . . is history!

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I love creating educational resources that help teachers meet the needs of all their students and save time too! If there is something you need to make your teacher life easier let me know!
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Teacher Love

My littles LOVE these prompts! They are super engaging and a great confidence builder for my littles' writing! [Picture Writing Prompts for Spring]

The Simple Sweetness

This resource [Germs Reading Passage] was a great addition to our reading comprehension activities that could also be linked to current events and science/health and writing standards. The extension activities gave parents more options for expanding upon this reading during our school closure and I had a great response from families. Thank you!

Kathryn S.

This was great for reinforcing sight words in a center and for independent work. Thank you for your hard work! [Winter Hidden Picture Puzzles - Editable]

Traci V.

My students loved using the shark to help them subtract numbers and find the solution. They ask me for this center all the time. [Shark Subtraction]

Melissa B.

You saved me! These were a big hit, and so easy to do! I have to figure out how you made the PDF editable! Exactly what I needed! [Editable Valentine's Day Card]

Essentially Elementary

Great multi sensory practice! The kids love the pictures which help supplement the letter identification with letter sound practice as well! [Alphabet Play Dough Mats]

Elisha M.

This writing activity was so fun and creative. [Santa is Stuck Writing Craftivity]The first graders loved the writing and the easy craft!

Angie D.

Great product! [New Year's Writing Craftivity] I like the variety of graphic organizers. Thank you for including future years so I can use this year after year!

Tryna S.

Great resource that was LOVED by my kiddos! I created a book and used it to create sequence cards for the children to put in order. Thank you! [Pumpkin Vocabulary Cards]

Sharon J.

I have been using Amy Hughes sight word packets for several years now. After the first few times of giving directions the students are able to work independently on the worksheets. They look forward to receiving their worksheets weekly. These packets are a keeper. Thank you Amy. [Sight Word Practice Pages]


My students LOVE doing these. We use them for our weekly Phonics words and it is an engaging way for them to identify and read our words! [Hidden Picture Puzzles]

Jessica B.

I love the Eric Carle themed numbers in my classroom! I love how there are ten frames on these number posters! [Eric Carle Inspired Number Posters]

Samantha S.

I have these up in my classroom and my kiddos are always referring to them when we are doing work! It helps them recognize how to write numbers, what numbers look like, and how to match quantity to the number! They are wonderful! [Eric Carle Inspired Number Posters]

Alexa B.

Really great semi-concrete way for students to grasp and practice concept of subtraction. [Shark Subtraction]

Caleb M.

This web quest is well written and easy to follow. This made for a great E-Day assignment for my second graders. They were SO EXCITED to start their work. You could also use this during the few days leading up to Thanksgiving Break. [The First Thanksgiving Webquest]

Amber L.

Thank you for creating & sharing this resource [Coronavirus Reading Passage]. I printed these out for my students and sent them home with them in their take-home packets. I appreciated having such a wonderful resource to send home to my students to help educate them on what is happening in the world at present.

Rachael B.

These awards are beautiful and the parents loved them! So much cuter than anything I could have bought in the store! I love how colorful they were and I know it's a keepsake my parents will treasure. [Eric Carle Inspired Awards, Certificates and Diplomas]

Sarah O.

I am changing themes next year. I was so excited to find these adorable resources [Eric Carle Inspired Classroom] and Amy Hughes generously created my own bundle, with exactly what I needed and even sent me a bonus for free. What a great maker!

Danielle A.

I was so happy to find a kindergarten-level pumpkin book with student copies! Emergent readers are hard to find in science topics - thank you! [Pumpkin Science Emergent Reader]

Shannon H.

I used these fun letters [Eric Carle Inspired Word Wall Letters]  as a way to decorate my "behind my head" display area when working on distance learning virtual teaching. Very colorful and useful.

Amanda B.

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