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I’m Amy, the teacher behind Teaching in Blue Jeans. I am not just a teacher, I’m also a homeschooling mom to my amazing kid! Growing up all I wanted to be was a teacher. Then, I went to law school. {face palm} I liked practicing law but there was always a nagging feeling inside me that was drawing me to education. When I gave in to that nagging feeling I found my life's passion! And the rest . . . is history!

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I love creating educational resources that help teachers meet the needs of all their students and save time too! If there is something you need to make your teacher life easier let me know!
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Teacher collaboration is unlike any other profession. Come join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram! On our own we can do great things - but together we are even better! Come share your thoughts and ideas. Come learn from others. Everyone is welcome and together we will be better!
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