Fun With Seeds

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We had an amazingly fun week with seeds last week.  The kids just loved learning about and exploring seeds all week long.  On Day 1 I started by showing my students a dried lima bean and asking the question “Is this alive?”  Most of the students said no, but a few said yes.  I took out a lima bean that I had soaked in water for a few hours and showed them how I could peel off the seed coat and look inside the seed.  And as if that wasn’t enough – we found a baby plant living in the seed!!!  Then it was time to turn this science lesson into hands on fun!  You would have thought I took these kids to Disneyland!

This is so easy and inexpensive to do.  First start by soaking some lima beans in water.  Give yourself a few hours, but you can do more.  Actually, the longer they soak, the easier the seed coat comes off.

I gave each student their own soaked lima bean and let them go to town.  
We did have a discussion about working gently with the seed.  Once the little scientists started working my room was silent.  They were so diligent in their efforts to peel the seed coat and find the baby plant.
Once we were done, we completed a diagram of the seed in our science journals. We also wrote a little about what we learned. We taped the real seed into the journal too!

The next day we talked more about seeds and I posed the question “Do we eat seeds?”  We had a great discussion about what seeds do and different kinds of seeds in an attempt to answer this question.  Although the class decided that we don’t eat seeds very often, they did conclude that we do eat seeds because of the lima bean the day before.  We couldn’t continue without finding out some other kinds of seeds that we eat.
Boy of boy you should have heard them at lunch as they walked though the cafeteria line.  They were serving oranges and cucumbers and they quickly found the seeds in there too!  It’s so fun to see them so excited about learning.  
Make sure to check out the next post for more on Fun With Seeds!


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