Kindergarten Back to School Bundle | Alphabet Sight Words Centers Numbers Shapes



The beginning of the new year can be hectic. There is a need to learn procedures and rules, but also to begin working and learning. These kindergarten resources are the perfect way to fill your lesson plans with NO PREP or LOW PREP activities so you can focus on building a solid foundation. All of these skills-based activities are resources are a great way to ease your students into the routine of school.

Using only common school supplies your students will be able to complete the activities without sharing supplies and while social distancing if required. All of these resources can also be easily sent home if your students are distance learning. Keeping activities consistent between school and home is perfect for those teachers in the hybrid teaching setting.

**SAVE 40% when purchasing the bundle over the individual resources! Only $2 per resource in this Kindergarten Back to School Bundle!**

This Kindergarten Back to School Bundle includes:

  • Pre-Writing Practice – Tracing and Coloring Pages
  • Scissor Skills and Cutting Practice – Cutting pages and simple cutting crafts
  • Alphabet Practice Pages – Letter identification and writing practice
  • Alphabet Playdough Mats or Alphabet Coloring Pages
  • Sight Word Practice Pages – Sight Word identification, spelling and writing practice
  • Sight Word Playdough Mats or Sight Word Coloring Pages
  • 2D Shape Practice Pages for shape identification
  • 2D Shape Playdough Mats
  • Numbers to 10 Playdough Mats or Numbers to 10 Coloring Pages
  • EDITABLE Back to School Mystery Pictures

Tip: Laminate the play dough mats or slide them into a sheet protector or plastic sleeve for easy cleaning and disinfecting.


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