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Multi-Sensory Alphabet Practice Pages

In this pdf download, you will receive 28 practice pages for the letters of the alphabet. You get the 26 letters and then an addition sheet for a and g that show the traditional printed letters as well as the common form found in print. (I introduce these as the “funny looking” a and g.)

Each page includes a section for read it, trace it, write it, rainbow write it, circle it, and find it. By practicing writing and recognizing the letters using multiple senses, you are opening multiple pathways of learning to the brain! Multi-sensory activities are research based and recommended for helping all learners!

I introduce this page whole class but after modeling it and completing it together a few times, it goes into a weekly word work station where the students work on it independently.

I hope you and your class enjoy this activity as much as we have in my classroom.

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