Shape Play Dough Mats Center Activity -OR- Shape Coloring Pages

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Engage your students in working identifying 2D shapes with these hands-on play dough mats for shapes. This set of Shape Play Dough Mats includes 14 shapes and 32 total mats. You receive duplicate mats for each these shapes: Rhombus / Diamond and Crescent / Moon. Each shape includes a mat with the shape and a place to build or write the shape name. The second mat for each shape challenges students to think about where they find these shapes in the real world. Students create a play dough picture from each shape and complete the following sentence stem: “I can make a _________ from a {shape}.” A great way to challenge students to connect their shapes to their daily life. Perfect for a math center, play dough center, fine motor center, morning tubs or at home learning.

Play dough is a great tactile sensory tool for helping students learn using a multi-sensory approach. Play dough is also great for fine motor practice! Why not kill two birds with one stone and use play dough to help your students learn their shapes!

You could also use these pages without play dough too! These make great coloring pages for little hands. Use as a follow-up to learning a letter or staple together to create an shape book!

Play Dough Shape Mats or Shape Coloring Pages includes:

  • 32 shape mats
  • 2 different cards for every letter
  • 2 options for Rhombus / Diamond and Crescent / Moon
  • Use with play dough for a great fine motor activity
  • Use without play dough as coloring pages or create an alphabet book



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