Design a Gingerbread House | Measurement | Gingerbread Activity | Winter Math

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Design a Gingerbread House is a Measurement Activity for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. Perfect for older special education students or struggling learners too! This Christmas or Winter math activity will keep your students engaged and practicing hands-on measurement skills without realizing they are learning!

★Just Print and Go★
•Student Guidelines for creating the Gingerbread House
•7 Different Building Plans targeting different measurement concepts = Differentiation
✓Inches (Whole Numbers)
✓Inches (Whole and Half)
✓Inches (Whole, Half, Quarter, and Three-quarter)
✓Centimeters (Whole Numbers)
✓Centimeters (Whole and Half)
✓Mixed Measurement Whole Numbers (Inches and Centimeters)
✓Mixed Measurement Whole and Fractions (Inches and Centimeters)
•Follow-up Worksheet for Student Analysis and Evaluation

Concepets Covered Include:
•Word Problems (1 and 2 Steps)
•Elapsed Time
•Adding Money

I have included ideas for literacy, writing and just plain fun extension activities too!

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