Sight Word Practice Pages that Kids Love

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I love watching my kids grow as readers!  That twinkle in their eye and the joy on their face when they can read a word on their own. I am a believer that nothing makes our students feel more like readers than learning sight words. These words that they can instantly recognize are the foundation of building an excitement for reading. But sight word recognition comes with practice and these sight word practice pages have been a class favorite for years!

As a new kindergarten teacher I was looking for a fun sight word activity that my students could do independently during centers.  I found a few things that I “kind of” liked but nothing that just reached out and grabbed me.  So I hit my computer and started creating. 

The final result was a one page sight word practice page (Can you say YAY! for fewer copies) that helped my students with reading writing and spelling one target word at a time.

I was so excited about the final product that I couldn’t wait to get them into my students hands. We started out completing a couple of pages together.  This game me a chance to model the activities and the expectations.  After that, they were ready to work independently.  And guess what . . . my students LOVED them!  In fact, they asked to do more.

Versatile Sight Word Practice

sight word practice pages

I use these sight word practice pages in centers, as morning work and even in small group instruction.  I love how easy it is to differentiate for my students too!  We have class sight words that we work on each week, but then each reading group also has target sight words they are working on too.  I can quickly and easily pull the words that relate to their readers.

Sight Word Page in Action

Check out this short video of the sight word pages in action.

Try Them Out in Your Classroom

Now you can grab some free sight word practice pages to try out in your classroom!

Grab the Full Set!

You can grab the full set of sight word pages in the Teaching in Blue Jeans store. Sets are divided by word list, or save and grab the bundle! Find the set you need for your students.

sight word practice pages for the entire dolch sight word list
sight word practice pages for the dolch first grade word list
sight word practice pages for the dolch pre-primer word list
sight word practice pages for the dolch second grade word list
sight word practice pages for the dolch primer word list
sight word practice pages for the dolch third grade word list


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