Everything You Need for the 100th Day of School

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The 100th Day of School is one of my favorite classroom holidays. I love this day because it gives students the chance to celebrate all of their hard work. As both a kindergarten and third grade teacher, this was a holiday we celebrated While it was a day filled with fun, it was a day filled with learning too! Here’s a mega list of ideas for the 100th Day of School. Pick and choose the ones you like and what works best for your classroom. There are more than enough 100th Day of School ideas to fill your day!

100th Day Dress Up

dress up ideas for the 100th day of school

A great way to kick off the 100th Day of School is to make it a dress up day! After all, what’s a holiday without a special dress code! There are lots of fun ways to dress up for the 100th day of School. Most of these will take a little advance planning, so make sure to notify parents plenty of time in advance if they will need to do anything at home. Here’s some ideas for a dress-up theme:

  • Dress like you are 100 Years Old
  • Create a shirt with 100 items
  • Dress like someone from 100 Years Ago
  • Incorporate the number 100 into your outfit (could be obvious or try to hide it)
  • 100th Day of School shirt

There are so many fun 100th Day of School shirts for teachers and students. Here’s a couple of my favorites.

100th day of school shirt for teachers
video game shirt for the 100th day of school
100th day of school math shirt

If you are worried about some students not being able to participate, you can create a 100 Day shirt at school. Do this in the days leading up to the 100th Day. Then as students arrive on the 100th Day of School you can have them change into their special shirts.

100 day caterpillar shirt

I would suggest having parents send in $3 – $5 for supplies and then purchasing these t-shirts in bulk. During math or centers, students could work at painting or adding 100 items to the shirt. Students can add finger prints, draw with markers (Sharpie works best for a permanent option) or glue items on. The kids will love creating and wearing their 100th day designs.

In my kindergarten class, we had an Eric Carle theme. So this shirt is perfect! Substitute pompoms for fingerprints and you’ve got a super cute and easy shirt to make!

Sets of 100

You can easily fill your entire day by just completing activities in sets of 100. I used this approach as a 3rd grade teacher and the kids loved it! And I’ll tell you a little secret – we got a lot of work done that day too! 100 word problems, 100 vocabulary words, 100 minutes of reading and lots more.

i can do 100 multiplication problems

Here’s some great activities you can do in sets of 100 for older students:

  • 100 math problems (choose any skill or do a review)
  • write 100 words
  • write 100 nouns (change out for verbs or adjectives too)
  • read 100 minutes / books / pages
  • write a 100 word story

Here’s some great activities you can do in sets of 100 for younger students:

fill in missing numbers on a hundredchart - Celebrating the 100th day of school with these fantastic ideas for kids
  • write numbers to 100
  • write 100 words from around the room
  • read 100 words
  • count to 100

Depending on the skill you choose, you can break each set up throughout the day. If you do 100 word problems, I’d definitely break it up – but 100 basic math facts could probably be completed all at once. As with anything, do what works best for your kids.

100 Seconds – Brain Break Ideas

On this day we would change up our typical brain break activities and do the 100 Challenge. The basic idea is to complete an activity for 100 seconds. It could be anything really – just have fun and give your class a little break. It’s also a great way to help students understand how long 100 seconds is.

These are all fun ideas for the 100 Seconds Challenge:

  • jumping jacks
  • running in place
  • marching
  • posing like a statue
  • silence
  • whispering without stopping (it’s harder than you think)
  • a 100 second dance party

When I am 100 – Art & Writing

Having students create a self-portrait of themselves when they are 100 is one of my favorite 100th Day of School activities. There are lots of different ways you can do this. Once the picture is complete I like to have students write about what life will be like when they are 100. Posted together they make a great hallway or bulletin board display.

100 Year Old Self Portraits

Students can just draw picture of what they think they will look like when they are 100. You can also start with a “how to draw” video or get help from your art teacher for some drawing instruction. Here’s a simple and fun video you could use for an old man and old woman:

100 Year Old Me

You can also have students take a more crafty approach to creating their self portrait. Students can start by crumpling up a piece of skin tone construction paper. After crumpling and smoothing out a few times, they have a great paper for cutting out the face, complete with all the details of wrinkles built right into the paper.

Another great way to create the self portrait (and my favorite) is through paper tearing. I love this option with younger students because of the great fine motor muscle strengthening that is included. Look how cute they turned out.

But be warned, this is NOT a one day project with paper tearing. I would have my students tear the paper for the skin over the course of a couple of days. We would keep the pieces in a zip-loc bag. Then on the 100th Day of School we would create our pictures – but the paper tearing was already done.

Me at 100 with Age Progression

And . . . if you want a more technological self portrait then grab your phone and use an age progression app. There are lots of free apps available. I really like FaceApp for a realistic looking progression. Here’s me at 100 . . .

using an age progression app to see yourself at 100 - Innovative and entertaining ideas for the 100th day of school festivities

Hands-on 100 Activities

Giving kids opportunities to do some hands-on activities during the day is another great way to incorporate 100. My favorites all work on developing logic, critical thinking, analytical thinking and basic STEM skills.


Put out some 100 piece puzzles and let students put them together alone or with a partner. For younger students this size of puzzle may be a challenge. For older students who may think its “too easy” add a time element. Challenge them to put it together in 100 seconds or less. Most won’t be able to do it the first time, however, let them repeat it until they can. They will work on processing skills and planning skills that are so valuable in everyday life! My local Dollar Store has lots of 100 piece puzzles for only $1 each.

Cup Stacking

Grab 100 plastic cups and watch your students be engaged in the building process. Challenge them to create a stack of 100 plastic cups without it falling.

cup stacking building activity for the 100th day of school - Exciting and educational activities to celebrate the 100th day of school

Chain Reaction

All it takes to create a super cool chain reaction is 100 dominoes or blocks (Jenga blocks are great too). I like to introduce students to this concept by showing a quick video. This one from the Guiness Book of World Records shows the chain reaction using a variety of different building materials.

Once students can see what is possible, they get really excited to create their own chain reaction. All they need is some open floor space and 100 dominoes.

All of these activities work really well with partners or small groups. Not only do they work on logic and creativity, but they also get students working together as a team. Depending on how many supplies you have access to, you can do them one at a time, or make them center rotations.

100th Day of School Printables

100th day of school no prep activities - Fun and creative 100th day of school ideas for elementary kids

Over the years I have put together a variety of no prep printable activities for the 100th Day of School. These have really helped me to! Some of the 100 day activities I like do require prep, so having some no prep activities really helps. I put all of the 100th Day of School printables into this one packet. I hope it makes your day a little easier and a lot more fun!

Here’s a glimpse at the 17 different activities included in this packet. All of these activities have 2 or more options to help you meet the needs of your students.

  • 100th day of school no prep activities
  • i can do 100 multiplication problems

Grab this 100th Day of School Resource Pack and get ready to hear “this was the best day ever!”

100th Day of School No Prep Activities

Save these 100th Day of School Ideas

Don’t spend hours scouring the net for ideas or looking for ideas you’ve previously seen. Instead, pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board and come back quickly when you are ready to plan your 100th Day of School!


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