Eric Carle Inspired Color Posters | Color Signs 4 Sizes | Color Words Book Too!

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Add the colorful whimsy of Eric Carle to your classroom with these Eric Carle Inspired Color Posters, Cards and Student Reader. These color signs will brighten up your classroom while giving your students a learning tool to help them identify colors, read color words and write color words. These bright and vivid color signs come in 4 sizes: full page, half page, quarter of a page and 2 inch by 3 inch. This gives you many options and lots of versatility when choosing how to use the color posters and color cards in your classroom. Your students will love learning their colors!

Colors Included:
★ black (2 options)
★ blue (2 options)
★ brown
★ gray
★ grey
★ green
★ orange
★ pink
★ purple
★ red
★ white (2 options)
★ yellow
★ Colors (title card)

Perfect for walls and bulletin boards; Flash Cards; Center Games: Sorting Activities; Sight word Reading; Color Words
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Eric Carl • The Very Hungry Caterpillar • Brown Bear, Brown Bear


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