Rocks Cross Curricular Unit for Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades

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This Kindergarten and 1st grade level science resource on Rocks is the perfect way to level up your science lessons in your classroom. In this cross-curricular unit, you will cover key science skills such as observing and describing rocks while learning new vocabulary, practicing math skills, reading, writing, and more! This Rocks Emergent Reader and Science Unit is exactly what you need to make the most of your time in the classroom!


With this comprehensive unit all about Rocks, your kindergarten and first-grade students will explore rocks while strengthing math and ELA skills along the way! Infuse some fun into your lesson plan and engage those little learners with this cross-curricular teaching unit all about rocks!


⭐️Rocks Emergent Reader & Cross-Curricular Science Unit for Kinder & 1st Grade Includes:

  • Emergent Reader in 3 versions (target words: here, is, are, do, you)
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Vocabulary Matching Worksheets
  • My Rock Observations (Science & Writing)
  • Rock Hunt (Science & Math)
  • Exploring Weight (Science, Math & Writing)
  • Sorting & Classifying Rocks Label  Cards (Science & Math)
  • Writing About Rocks Graphic Organizer and Final Writing Paper with Rock Topper


⭐️Skills Covered in this Rocks Unit: 

  • Science Skills: Observe; Identify and Describe Properties; Record Observations
  • Reading Skills: Sight Words, Reading Fluency
  • Language Skills: Vocabulary, Opposites
  • Writing Skills: Descriptive Writing, Expository Writing
  • Math Skills: Measuring Weight, Comparing Weight, Sorting & Categorizing, Counting,
  • Graphing, Addition, Comparing Numbers, Expository Writing


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I was so happy to find an emergent reader for my kinders that matched up with our earth materials science standard! Thank you!

⭐Resources for rocks in kinder are hard to find.  This book was perfect – great pictures and easy to follow text.

⭐This is perfect for emergent readers! Thanks!


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