Chalkboard Themed Alphabet Posters with Pictures


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In this set of chalkboard themed alphabet posters you receive a total of 32 alphabet posters. This is a great addition to your classroom decor and makes a wonderful learning tool for your students. These alphabet posters are ready to download, print, and hang in your classroom.

Yes, I know there are not 32 letters, but I wanted you to have options. For each vowel you get two options: one poster with a picture representing the short vowel sound and one poster with 2 pictures – one for the short sound and one for the long soundl. You also get 2 options for the letter Y.

The following shows the letter and associated words:

A – alligator; alligator & anchor
B – bee
C – car
D – dog
E – elephant; elephant & eagle
F – fish
G – girl
H – house
I – igloo; igloo & ice cream
J – jellyfish
K – king
L – light bulb
M – monkey
N – nail
O – octopus; octopus & oval
P – pizza
Q – queen
R – robot
S – star
T – turtle
U – umbrella; umbrella & unicorn
V – volcano
W – wagon
X – x-ray
Y – yak -or – yo yo
Z – zebra

Please check out my TpT store for other chalkboard themed sets for your classroom. If you are interested in having custom desined items made for your classroom, please send me a message through TpT.


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