Magic Tree House Thanksgiving on Thursday Reading Response Menu

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Use this Activity Menu with Mary Pope Osborne’s book Thanksgiving on Thursday. After reading the book (independently or as class read aloud) students will dive into these highly engaging activities designed for the many types of learning. Students will put their higher level thinking skills to practice as they apply concepts from the reading to a choice of enrichment activities that will build core curriculum skills.

The Menu is designed with 3 sections, each worth a different point amount (2 points, 5 points or 8 points). Students can choose any of the activities from the list as long as they earn a total of 15 points.

When I used this in my class, we read the book as a whole class read aloud. Then students were given time in the short Thanksgiving week to complete the activities on the menu. It was a very effective way to keep the students interested and engaged when their minds are already focused on the holiday!

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as my students and I have!!!


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