Sentence Building and Writing Sentences Worksheets | CVCe and Sight Words

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Your students will love working on reading and writing sentences with these Sentence Building and Writing Sentences Worksheets. This sentence practice pack focuses on sentences with CVCe and sight words. This fun sentence practice pages include a variety of skills on one page! Students will practice reading the sentence, sentence building with the cut and paste words and punctuation and writing sentences too! At the end students draw a picture that matches the sentence which is a great reading comprehension activity. Perfect for students with different learning styles. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to practice multiple skills at one time. These Super Sentence pages do just that. Your students will practice reading, writing and comprehension all in one page.

Sentence Building and Writing Sentences Worksheets includes:

  • 20 Sentence Practice Pages
  • Sentences made of CVCe words and sight words
  • Each page includes:
  1. Read the sentence
  2. Build the sentence (a cute and paste sentence activity)
  3. Write the sentence
  4. Draw the sentence (a great reading comprehension check)

What are other teachers saying?

  • “This is absolutely perfect for students that need practice writing sentences but cannot do so independently.” -Amatullah R.
  • “These will be helpful as my kindergarten class practices working with sentences. I like the variety of ways that they can practice the sentence.”
  • “My first graders loved using these! Thank you!” -Rosa R.
  • “This is great! Thank you so much. After teaching my students how to do it, they are able to complete without too much help. Great for an independent work task.” -Rachel R.

Each page includes the following sections:

*Read It – I encourage my students to read the sentence independently and touch each word as they read .

*Build It – Students will cut the words from the bottom of the page and build the sentence correctly. Having the sentence at the top of the page allows the students to practice a proper sentence using matching as necessary.

*Write It – Students will copy the sentence and write it on the lines provided. Encourage students to use proper handwriting and spacing during this step.

*Draw It – Students will illustrate the sentence. If students have read the sentence independently then you have a chance to assess reading comprehension in this section.

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