Bilingual Number Posters 0-30 {Chalkboard Theme}


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These bilingual chalkboard themed number posters are perfect for your Spanish / English bilingual classroom. Includes numbers 0-30. Each poster displays the number, the number word in English and Spanish, and a ten-frame representation of the number. All you need to do is print and use in your classroom.

You can use the same number posters to create an interactive, hands-on math center too! Just print out the posters in a smaller size (4 to a page) using your printer settings. Then have your students count out math manipulatives to match the number. Great beginning of the year math center!

Please check out my TpT store for other Chalkboard sets for your classroom in English and Spanish. If you are interested in having custom desined items made for your classroom, please send me a message through TpT.


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