My New Friends Back to School Activity | Community Building | Student Interview

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My New Friends – A Back to School Activity
Help your students get to know each other with this fun and engaging Back to School Activity. Students will make a book about their new friends after doing an interview to learn more about them.

This download includes 4 different page options so that you can choose the one that best matches the abilities of your students. Options include Pre-K/K (drawing, coloring); 1st/2nd (drawing, writing simple answers); 3rd – 5th (drawing, interview and record answers, paragraph writing). Additionally, there are 2 book cover options included (one showing younger looking students and one showing older looking students).

In my classroom we buddy up with a new person each day for the first week of school. You could also do for a longer period of time depending on how many kids you would like each student to interview and get to know. Each day have students complete one page in the book and focus on getting to really know their buddy for the day. At the end of the week (or activity) simple staple or bind the pages together with a cover sheet for a great Back to School keepsake.


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