Digital Writing Activities Your Students Will Love

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digital writing activities your students will love

Writing is such an important skill for our students but doesn’t come naturally to every one. It’s a skill that requires practice. But writing practice can be met with lots of moans and groans in the classroom. I’m here to help with two amazing digital writing activities that your students will love! In fact, they just might beg for more writing time.

Build-a-Scene Digital Writing Activities

When a visual element is introduced to the creative writing process the imagination is set free and ideas begin to flow. By giving students the tools to make their own scene, we take out some of the frustration and add in the fun.

Getting students started on their own digital writing is as easy as having them choose one of the backgrounds and dragging and dropping a few character stickers into the scene.  One happy teacher called these sticker stories for the 21st century!

students create their own scene to write about using digital stickers

You will be amazed that with one slide you will get so many fun and creative stories.

Great for students of all ages!

Build a Scene digital writing activities has been used by kindergarten through middle school aged students! Wow – what a range! With the versatile and engaging activity it is loved by writers of all ages.

The versatility allows for beginning writers to create simple sentences and use a sentence stem. They will also love incorporating their word wall words into their story.

boy holding tablet with his completed writing using Build a Scene digital writing prompts

With older students they will dive right in. You can even duplicate the slide and let them keep writing with the same scene. They can adjust the stickers to illustrate their ongoing plot.

For extra excitement, create a class book! Students can work in pairs or small groups to create a page or chapter for the book. What a fun and great collaborative activity that your students are sure to take pride in!

Get a Sneak Peek!

We all know it’s easier to get buy-in from students when they are engaged and having fun, and digital sticker stories are a perfect way to interactively get those creative juices flowing, and a great resource for your teacher toolbox.  Check out this video with a glimpse into this fun and engaging writing activity!

You can find all the Build a Scene Interactive Writing activities in the Teaching in Blue Jeans store.

build a scene interactive digital writing

Digital Would You Rather Writing Prompts

Would you rather live in outer space or under the sea? Would you rather have extra large feet or extra small hands? It’s fun, silly and crazy writing prompts like this that will have your students begging for writing time!

would you rather writing prompts digital or printable writing activity

I started out using these Would You Rather writing prompts at the beginning of the school year as a way to get to know my students. I love the little glimpses you get into their mind with these fun questions. But you know what happened? They kept asking for more! So I kept putting together more zany and crazy writing prompts. Our daily prompt became something we all looked forward to and some great discussions stemmed from our writing prompt!

An added benefit . . .

building classroom community is an added benefit to these fun writing prompts

These writing prompts are like a two-in-one activity! Not only will students get the writing practice they need, but classroom community is built, connections are made and you get to know your students at a level like never before! Using Would You Rather… prompts throughout the school year as part of a daily writing journal, morning bell ringer, or writing center gets those brains engaged and thinking creatively. It’s fun to watch new friendships be made as students realize new things they gave in common with their classmates.

Built in writing checklist

Part of learning to become a great writer means being able to identify the fundamentals of good writing.  But we all know this takes practice and consistent reminders. I mean how many times a year do we say things like “does each sentence end with a punctuation mark?” or “check to make sure your writing makes sense.” Instead of repeating yourself, teach your students to use the checklist built into the bottom of each writing prompt.

students can use the writing checklist at the bottom of the page to check their writing

I ask students to use the checklist at the bottom of each prompt to be sure they are using complete sentences, supporting their ideas, using correct punctuation, and that their writing makes sense to the reader. This empowers students to self-evaluate their work and have accountability in their writing.

If you like to do peer editing in your class, you can use the checklist for this too. Students can share their writing and have a friend read it and use the movable check marks to check off each item that was completed.

Lots of options!

These digital writing activities come with a printable version too! This makes them perfect for any classroom situation you can think of! Use as a paper & pencil activity, a traditional writing center, to incorporate technology or for distance learning.

With interactive and digital writing activities, your students will become engaged, and enthusiastic about writing. I’m sure you and your students will love these fun, digital writing activities as much as we have. 

would you rather writing prompts in printable and digital formats

Save these Digital Writing Activities

Don’t waste time scouring the internet the next time you need fun and engaging digital writing activities.  Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back quickly for these ideas and more.

Digital writing activities are a great way to engage students in writing.  These fun and interactive digital writing activities will have your students begging for more writing time!

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