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Christmasy Kindergarten Writing

So I will be the first to admit that as a first year kindergarten teacher I don't know everything there is to know about teaching kindergarteners to write.  In fact, I probably know very little!  I do a lot of reading, and use a variety of resources, and most of all go with my gut and do ... READ the POST

I love the Elf!

I just have to share that I LOVE our Elf on the Shelf - Effie.  Besides adding some fun to our day, I love that my kids walk in the room and Effie is the first thing they look for!  Today they were distraught when they couldn't find her.  Then I started hearing "Effie - where are ... READ the POST

Christmas Tree Activities and Freebie

This week our Kindergarten team will begin Christmas Around the World.  The students will be rotating to a different teacher everyday during Social Studies and I will do my same lesson 5 times.  I jumped at the chance to do Germany since I know lots of Germany facts from teaching 3rd ... READ the POST

Buddy Classes

This year our campus is trying out the concept of buddy classes.  I have done this at my previous campus and really loved it so I was very excited to take part again.  As a kindergarten teacher my class has a 3rd grade buddy class.  As we experiment this year, there are not a lot of ... READ the POST

Have Elf – Ready for December!

So I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to add the Elf on the Shelf to my kindergarten classroom.  My thought was not to start it until December so that I didn't add an extra week of Christmas craziness to myself.  So somehow in my mind that led to waiting until the last minute ... READ the POST

Fantastic Week and Impromptu Project

I have to say I was a little worried going into this first week back after Thanksgiving break.  I was worried that my kiddos would come back not remembering our routine or expectations.  Boy was I surprised!  We had an amazing week!  My plan was to re-visit rules and expectations ... READ the POST


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