Christmas Tree Activities and Freebie

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This week our Kindergarten team will begin Christmas Around the World.  The students will be rotating to a different teacher everyday during Social Studies and I will do my same lesson 5 times.  I jumped at the chance to do Germany since I know lots of Germany facts from teaching 3rd grade.  (Our town was founded by a German prince and we do a lot of German heritage in 3rd grade and I always added Christmas in Germany to that unit).  I knew right off the bat how I wanted to do this for kindergarten – Thank you Pinterest!  I saw this adorable and educational Christmas tree on Pinterest a month or so ago that I pinned from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten.  (Click on the picture to see her blog post).

I didn’t want to pre-cut the strips for the entire Kindergarten so instead I made a template for the design that I will copy onto green paper. The students will cut on all the black lines and then order the strips from shortest to longest.  The template also includes the star (which I will copy on yellow or white depending on availability) as well as the words to O Tannenbaum and O Christmas Tree.  There is also a title “O Tannenbaum” written in dashed print so the students can trace it and glue to the top or bottom of the page.  Once they have finished assembling the tree, I will let them add snow (like above) or decorations with paint and a q-tip.  Freebie Alert: Click the picture below to download the template.  I’d love to know how your students like this activity if you use it!
Here are a couple other Christmas tree projects you could do with your kiddos:

Christmas Tree Sun Catchers
Christmas Tree Sun Catcher

make a Christmas tree out of hand prints
Hand print Christmas Tree

Edible Christmas Trees
We are doing this for my class Christmas party!

Hopefully these ideas will help as we countdown to Christmas!  I’d love to know if you have any other Christmas tree activities you do in your class.

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