Would You Rather Writing Prompts

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Engage your students in writing with these fun and sometimes off the wall Would You Rather . . . writing prompts. Your students will love writing when they get to answer prompts like Would you rather eat a lizard or a beetle? Would you rather be invisible or have super speed? Would you rather have a pet or a robot? Each writing prompt comes on a page with writing lines and a writing checklist to remind students about the fundamentals of good writing. These NO PREP writing prompt worksheets are perfect for a morning bell ringer activity, a daily writing journal, the writing center or a whole class writing assignment.

Would You Rather Writing Prompts includes:

  • 30 Would You Rather writing prompts
  • A writing checklist on the bottom of each page

Get ready to build some excitement for writing. Your students will be begging to do more writing with these fun and engaging writing prompts designed for upper elementary students.


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