Eric Carle Inspired Certificates, Awards and Diplomas


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End of the Year Awards and Certificates that are ready to print and use today! In this .pdf download you will receive a variety of colorful certificates, awards, diplomas and certificates of completion that you can give to your students. Perfect for the End of the Year or end of each term. This set also includes Happy Birthday Certificates that can be used all year round!

You receive the following items in this download:
*Certificate of Award (10 designs each featuring a different animal)
*Certificate of Award (Star Design in 3 different colors)
*Certificate of Award (Hanging Star Design)
*Certificate of Award (Star Seal Design)
*General Certificate(10 designs each featuring a different animal)
*General Certificate (Hanging Star Design)
*General Certificate (Star Seal Design in 2 colors)
*General Certificate of Completion
*General Diploma
*Preschool Certificate of Completion
*Preschool Diploma
*Pre-Kindergarten Certificate of Completion
*Pre-Kindergarten Diploma
*Pre-K Certificate of Completion
*Pre-K Diploma
*Kindergarten Certificate of Completion
*Kindergarten Diploma
*Perfect Attendance Aware (3 different colors)
*Star Student (2 designs)
*Way to Go! Award (3 different colors)
*Happy Birthday with Cake (4 different colors)
*Happy Birthday Hanging Stars

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Eric Carl * Hungry Caterpillar * Brown Bear * Grouchy Ladybug


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