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What is happening around the world with the coronavirus and COVID-19 is like nothing our students have ever seen outside of Hollywood movies. Add to that social media and panic by adults all around them and it’s likely they are scared and confused. But our students are old enough to learn and have real conversations about the world around them. That is why I put together this reading passage and activities on the coronavirus. Together we can help our kids learn and we can help to fight fear with knowledge. The focus is on education and empowering students with things they can do.

DIGITAL Coronavirus Reading Passage and Questions includes:

  • ALL Files are on Google Drive and ready to be shared and completed digitally
  • What is the Coronavirus? Non-fiction reading text
  • Reading comprehension questions (multiple choice and short answer)
  • Related Writing Prompt
  • Student Application Activities

This DIGITAL reading passage is written for students in 6th – 8th grades. Although it could be used by older students also, the reading comprehension questions will likely be at a lower level than what they have in high school. This 2 page passage provides information about the coronavirus, COVID-19, viruses in general, our bodies natural defenses to viruses and other germs and steps we take to help keep ourselves healthy.

If you are looking for a printable version of this reading passage, reading comprehension questions and activities you can find them here!

It is followed by reading comprehension questions on a variety of reading skills. There are also reading response activities related to the non-fiction text.

A related writing prompt is also included. Students are asked to write about things they can do at home and in their daily life to stay healthy.

Student Application Activities are also included. Three different application activities are included. These include 1) writing a Public Service Announcement to teach people about the Coronavirus; 2) writing a song or chant that could teach young children the proper way to wash their hands; 3) creating a poster that teaches others different things they can do to stay healthy. One option gives the student all three choices and has them pick one. Also included are each activity on its own page (no student choice) so you can choose one, two or all of the activities.

I believe in education over rumors and facts over fear. Let’s empower our students to do what they can when they gain knowledge.

**If you would like to use this resource with your students but the price is not something you can afford, please email me at [email protected] and let me know**


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