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Winter Color by . . . (Math Skills)
In this pdf download you will receive 5 “Color by” pictures for your students to use. These pages would be great to use in a math center, as morning work, or as a whole group activity. The math skills included are Counting/Number Identification; Numbers in the Teens; Simple Addition. Also a great review for colors and color words as students use the key to determine which colors to fill in.

Don’t stop with just a math activity though. I have designed these activity pages with a second purpose in mind. Each page has one character on the page. I have my students use the blank space on the page to practice adding details. I want them to use the character to create a story. If you visit my classroom you will often here “add some details” and this is a great activity to practice this. I might ask them to show me where Santa is, or what the penguin is doing. Then take it one step further and have them write about the finished picture during writer’s workshop!

My students love these pages! I hope yours do too!


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