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I am so enjoying this summer.  This summer feels different too me and I think because it is the first summer in my teaching career that I didn’t have some major change looming in the year ahead (new grade level or new campus).  I am actually plugging away at my to do list which is comprised of things for school and things at home.  I am trying to do a little of both everyday.

First up on my for school list was a custom order I received for a new classroom theme.  I have been plugging away at all the different aspects of this theme and I am so excited to share them with you.  Here is I {heart} Sock Monkey!

The sweet young lady, Amanda, who had this request had already purchased some Sock Monkey items from Mardel and wanted additional things that would coordinate with it.  Everything in this theme is based around the khaki, red, cream and blacks found in her original purchases.  I had so much fun creating all the parts of this theme.  You can find these items in my Teaches pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook stores.  The items range from $1.50 to $3.00 and everything is ready to print and use in your classroom.  If you are familiar with my Eric Carle inspired theme you know that most things come with numerous options too!  Many of the items are also editable so that you can type directly on them before you print.  Here’s some of the things you will find in the I {heart} Sock Monkey theme.
Welcome Banner
Primary Level Nameplates


 Alphabet and Number Posters

Calendar Items
Calendar Numbers
There’s much more to this theme too, including, Color posters, Shape Posters, a huge set of labels that are editable, Table or Group Signs, a Character Education poster set, and this cute Birthday Graph kit. 

All of the items in this theme come with and without sock monkey images so that you can choose how much “monkey business” you want in your classroom.  I think this makes it great for those upper elementary grades too!

I’d love to know your thoughts about I{heart} Sock Monkey.  Also, do you use a theme in your classroom or a matching decor?  I am sticking with my Eric Carle Inspired theme for now – but Sock Monkeys just may be in my future!

Here’s a little glimpse into my Eric Carle Inspired room:



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