Too Much Glue!

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Too Much Glue!  No that is not what I was saying as we learned about using glue bottles in the classroom.  It is a brand new book out by author Jason Lefebvre.

When I first ran across this book I knew that I had to have it for the beginning of the school year.  This was a perfect addition to learning about the right way to use glue in our classroom.  I started thinking about how great it would be if my kiddos could actually meet the author of this book.  So I did what any normal, non-stalking, teacher would do – I looked him up on Facebook.  I sent Jason a message through his Facebook page to see if he might be interested in talking with my class.  Well, since I have no budget for things like that and since I am in Texas and he is in Massachusetts I asked if he would Skype . . . and he said YES!  So during our first week of school we read the Ah-Maz-Ing book and talked about questions we would ask the author.  Then on Friday morning the magic happened!  Skype worked perfectly and my 22 little learners were so excited and in awe to meet a real author!  Here’s a little glimpse into the visit:

Jason was fantastic with the kids!  He gave us lots of great information about how a book is made, his favorite parts of the book and even answered our silly questions without skipping a beat!  By the end, the kids were so excited to learn that they could be authors too!  This was the perfect segue way into Writer’s Workshop which we started the next week.  We have already referred back to our visit with Jason and the kids have asked multiple times to talk with him again.  I’d say it was a Home run!  Thanks Jason for making this a special memory in kindergarten!  We just might have to connect again before the year is over.  Maybe next time we can be the authors!

What’s even better than this, Jason said I could pass on his contact information to you!  If you would be interested in connecting your class with Jason Lefebvre you can e-mail him at [email protected] or visit his Facebook page by clicking {here}!

A special thank you goes out to all those amazing presenters at I Teach K who gave me the courage to “just ask” and see what happens.

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