5 Effective Prewriting Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten Aged Kids

Have you ever watched a preschooler pick up a crayon and attempt to "write" something on paper? It usually comes out as a scribble, right? While it is adorable, have you ever thought about what it takes to move from these first scribbles to legible handwriting? Here's a hint. . . it's a lot! Motor ... READ the POST

Teaching Scissor Skills in the Primary Classroom

If you work with young kids, you already know how important it is to develop fine motor skills early on. As a classroom teacher, there are so many activities you can use to support these skills, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut! If you're looking for something new to add to your routine, ... READ the POST

Teaching Sight Words and High Frequency Words

Sight words are an essential part of reading. In fact, they are often some of the first words that kids learn. Finding these words in books, on signs in the community, and at the grocery store really gets kids excited about reading. That is why teaching sight words is one main component of reading ... READ the POST

Alphabet Practice and Word Building – Football Style

It's fall and I don't know about you, nothing says fall more than football in my neck of the woods.  Maybe that is because it is still in the high 90s and leaves won't change colors around here until sometime between late November and January.  So football is what I hang my hat on! ... READ the POST

MIA = Working on my Classroom

So I have been MIA from my blog for the last couple of weeks.  That is because I have been in my classroom almost everyday getting ready for kindergarten.  In those two weeks I created my favorite classroom yet! Here is a quick little tour of my Eric Carle inspired kindergarten ... READ the POST


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