Snowman Fun

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I think it is so important to work on those fine motor skills and creativity in kindergarten, but with ever increasing standards I feel I can’t do a crafty project just for the sake of fun.  So I incorporate them into the curriculum.  Tying craft activities to writing is one of my favorites!

We had a great time creating our Melted Snowmen.  Truth be told not very many of my kids had ever seen snow.  In this part of Texas snow doesn’t last long – so melted snow was just right!  This project worked in just perfect because it gave us a chance to use the Story Hand (from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills writing unit) into action.  Here’s a little video of what we created.  I  hope you enjoy them.

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They were super easy to make.  For some projects, like this one, I model the entire craftivity and then set my kids free to create on their own.  They did a great job and I loved how creative they were.

I just love that the hat, buttons and scarf melted into the puddle
on this one.

Love the details in this one.

Here’s the full hallway display.  I was playing with the
new panorama picture on my phone.  Just too long
to fit on one picture. 

No templates to trace – just draw and cut.  I know that the perfectionist in me has to give my “perfect” end result when I do that – but hey, sometimes I actually like their final product better than mine. (I like theirs better in this one – mine just looks a little too perfect for a melted snowman!)  I rarely use tracing patterns or ready made templates.  I don’t really have a good reason other than fostering creativity and making them practice drawing and following directions.  Do you give your kids this kind of freedom or provide templates or copies that are ready to cut out?  Just curious.

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