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Practicing Math Facts: 4 Fun and Engaging Ways

Math facts are important. It's something that will be used all throughout life and it's not only important that students know them, but knowing them fluently really helps. While first and foremost students need to understand the concepts of the basic operations, there's comes a point when ... READ the POST

5 Fun Ideas for Mastering Multiplication

So I'll be there first to admit that on some math concepts I am the one saying "When will I ever use this again?!?"  But that is not the case with multiplication.  Multiplication is one of those skills that I use all the time in the real world.  After all, isn't that what education is ... READ the POST

Number Blackout Math Facts Game/Center for the Smartboard

Number Blackout is a fun, two person game designed to help students with their math facts and manipulating numbers. Students will not just recite their facts, but will instead take their number knowledge to a new level as they attempt to create a number blackout by creating new math problems with ... READ the POST

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Who Has Time for Art???? Ideas for Incorporating Art in the Classroom

I love art projects!  I am crafty by nature and if time and teaching standards were no issue we'd do art all the time.  But alas, in the real world, my world, teaching standards (TEKSin Texas - very similar to Common Core standards in other states) control what I teach.  But also part of my real ... READ the POST


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