Would You Rather Spring Writing Prompts




Your students will love these Would You Rather spring writing prompts. The perfect way to add some engaging and fun opinion writing to your day. Add the freshness of spring to your writing activities and engage your students with these fun and sometimes off the wall Would You Rather writing prompts with a spring theme. This set of 30 spring writing prompts will have your students connecting the season with their writing while also learning to answer a question and support their opinion with reasons and details. Your students will love writing when they get to answer prompts like Would you rather be a caterpillar or a frog? Would you rather slide down a rainbow or fly like a butterfly? Would you rather blow bubbles or blow a dandelion?

This set includes a printable pdf and a digital version on Google drive.

Each printable writing prompt comes on a page with writing lines and a writing checklist to remind students about the fundamentals of good writing. The digital writing prompts have text boxes in place and the writing checklist with drag and drop checkmarks. These NO PREP writing prompt activities are perfect for a morning bell ringer activity, a daily writing journal, freewriting, the writing center or a whole class writing assignment.

Would You Rather Spring Writing Prompts includes:

  • 30 Would You Rather writing prompts with a spring theme
  • Printable PDF
  • Digital Writing Activities on Google Drive
  • A writing checklist on the bottom of each page

Get ready to build some excitement for writing. Your students will be begging to do more writing with these fun and engaging writing prompts designed for upper elementary students.

See What Other Teachers Are Saying . . .

⭐ My class loves this!

⭐ My students loved completing these Would-You-Rather questions. They completed them during our literacy block as part of the writing center.

⭐ This has been a great resource!

⭐ I love using Would you rather questions at all points of the day. Students enjoy answering and seeing how others answer. I used them mostly for fun times.


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