Seasonal Digital Mystery Picture BUNDLE for Addition to 20




Engage your students with the seasons and get them practicing their addition facts too! Your students will love these season themed digital mystery picture addition activities. Also known as a mystery pixel activity, these self-correcting addition fact practice activities are a great independent digital activity. Students will type in answers to the problem. If the answer is correct, the answer box will turn green and a portion of the mystery picture will automatically appear. If the answer is incorrect, the answer box will turn red allowing the student to try again. This digital math practice is a great math center or practice activity. Perfect for use in the classroom at home learning. Watch the Preview video to see this digital mystery picture in action!

Seasonal Digital Mystery Picture Bundle (aka Mystery Pixel ) for Addition Facts includes:

  • 3 Winter Digital Mystery Picture Activities – ADDED
  • 3 Spring Digital Mystery Picture Activities – ADDED
  • 3 Summer Digital Mystery Picture Activities – Coming Soon!
  • 3 Fall Digital Mystery Picture Activities – Coming Soon!

This is a growing bundle. This simply means that all of the digital mystery pictures have not yet been added. They will be added no later than the date specified above. This also means you have a big way to SAVE $! The price of this bundle will go up as new mystery pictures are added. Buy now to save time and money!


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