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Valentine’s is Coming – Are You Ready?

One week and counting to Valentine's Day - are you ready? So Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday.  I know I appear to be the strange on in the bunch.  But, that being said, any day is more fun in kindergarten!  I am actually looking forward to doing some fun Valentine ... READ the POST

Building a Sentence

We have worked all year on writing down the sounds we hear, putting our stories into drawings and words and now its time to start writing in sentences.  I looked around for a fun and engaging way to teach my students how to write a sentence.  I have a 2:1 ratio of boys to girls so I tend ... READ the POST

100 Day Wrap-up

So our 100th Day of School was Friday, February 1st.  I was sooooooo excited I could hardly stand it.  I have been planning and counting down since since the beginning, but really focusing on it since we returned to school in January.  Then Tuesday morning - BAM - just like a ... READ the POST


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