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You Do What You Gotta Do

So we have had this wonderful "cold" front come through this week. (Side note: Cold front in Texas in September usually means it will only be 90, but it is cooler than normal so I'll take it.)  As a normal person I love it, as a teacher I expect crazy!  Every teacher I know agrees ... READ the POST

Positive Outlook

This year I changed my behavior management in my classroom.  When I taught third grade my students had lots of responsibility in monitoring their own choices.  When I had a class that wasn't ready for that I went to the typical green, yellow, red system.  The one thing that I did not ... READ the POST

First Week Wrap-up

So I made it through my first week in kindergarten.  Exhausted on Monday and Tuesday but by the end of week I was doing pretty good.  Boy is this different from third grade!  I just keep reminding myself to take baby steps.  Line-up is not a command I give yet.  We had to ... READ the POST


the Conversation

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